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50th Anniversary Photo Session in Nose Hill

Last week my in-laws B&J celebrated their 50th anniversary! They are they are truly kindest people I know. I am profoundly grateful to them for raising the amazing man that became my husband and the father of my children. They are also the most patient, gracious and fun-loving grandparents ever. Before Covid lockdowns, B&J would host weekly dinners, where they're were always crafts on the kitchen table for the children; home made meals were always nutritious and delicious and conversations were always lively and jovial. As grandparents, they never said no to any game the grand children want to play or to any toy the grand children wanted to build. They always seem to have boundless energy for family time, good jokes and good stories! I love how their house is always filled with the sound giggles and laughter. J is the official documenter of all our family get-togethers, but she asked me to bring my it was lovely to be able to take a few formal pictures at Nosehill Park for their 50th anniversary celebration! They have a love story that inspires me daily!

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