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BFA. Published in Magazines,

20 + Years Experience.

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My passion for sports photography started when my son started playing club volley ball with Elite West.  What those boys could do was truly superhuman! The high flying jumps, the powerful spikes, the belly dives on the hard gym floor.  All in the service to an intense game of precisely trained cooperation! I was truly inspired by them!  So I upgraded my camera and sports lens and became their official photographer!

Now I'm addicted to sports photography!

I am inspired by all sports.   If you are looking to document you or your children doing their favourite sport... Please get in touch!   I want to capture beautiful dynamic photos, full of inspired movement and action. Not many children get to play sports after junior high and high school. It's really a meaningful to capture such a special time in their lives!

Also, if you are team director looking for a photographer, I'm your gal!

Grad Sports Shoot

Let's all go out to the Ball Game

This family chose to have their family graduation photos done at Webber Athletic Park in Springbank.  The graduate has been playing baseball since he was 5 years old.  Thirteen years later, this kid has a 90 mile per minute pitch.  Pretty Impressive!

Studio Fitness Session

These two fitness mavericks are beautiful inside and out.  As workout buddies they have been building and chiselling their impressive muscles for a year.

The photo session was a celebration of their collective hardwork!

Team Sports Photos Never Looked So Good!

I go all out with Team Sports Photos!

I bring my studio with me! I know as a mother and photographer; my kid's athleticism is more than amazing... I also know it's something worth documenting in the most beautiful way!

With team sports I also like to give back!  I work with teams and organize a photo shoot into a fundraiser!  Parents have an opportunity to purchase amazing portraits of their children as athletes, clubs get to update their coach photos AND clubs get a chance to raise some money for their organization!

It's a win - win!  

I feel very proud of not only of my photos but I am extremely proud of being apart of a successful fundraising effort!

Clubs can also hire me on an hourly bases without fundraising efforts.  The fee is $999 to photograph a team of 20-25 athletes.  Each Athlete receives 5 pictures in 5 different poses.

Contact me to learn more!