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A Birthday so fun to photograph!!! (Okotoks)

I had the most amazing time at The Park in Okotoks yesterday! Tulien Q Thurston was kind enough to hire me to photograph a birthday party she threw for her twins, M & B! What a party it was! It was so lovely to see her twins shocked, delighted and enthralled with the whimsical effort of this Jurassic themed party. There were balloons, inflatable dinosaurs, figurines everywhere and Dino eggs; M & B also were given their own little homes!! I was so smitten with M right away when I met her, she gave me a pink and purple dinosaur that she drew! B was also a delight to photograph, as he wanted to go exploring with me and my camera! Every corner was a space for the children to discover, play and celebrate! The cake and cookies were fabulous! It was so lovely to capture the children's excitement, as well as fitting in many candid family photos. I know Covid has been a tough time for all children as well as adults; I was so impressed by the how the parents were so intent to make their children's 5th birthday as magical, fun-filled and memorable as possible. I think they surely succeeded! Tulien, please adopt me in my next life time!


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