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A Reunion for A Grandmother's 80th Birthday

This reunion took many forms and shapes. First it was supposed to be a photoshoot at L's house with catering, then just pictures in the backyard... But I convinced L, that pictures at the park would be the prettiest, as L's yard didn't have a garden in bloom just yet. L was planning a re-union for her mother S, who was turning 80. S has four children; all with families of their own. We set about documenting the entire family, with one sitting/standing pose and one walking shot. Then we were able to do all the group shots, then individual families. It worked out great! I think that because everyone stuck to a simple Color-theme (demin, black and white) for outfits, the pictures turned out great! No one looks too match-matchy, but everyone looks cohesive as a group!!! It was also lots of fun to pose large groups!

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