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Calgary Golden Retriever photographed as a salary man...

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Moose is my muse.

I haven't been this excited about photographing the city in a long time. I confess, because I've been photographing Calgary for over twenty four years. With much guilt and shame, I feel like I'm done photographing the city at times. I look forward to travelling so much for this very reason. Inspiration is so easy when you are in a new environment.

Not being able to travel during the lockdown this year has been a bit of a blow to my creativity as a photographer.

But I'm so glad, that the idea to photograph my best friend, my fourth child came to me - because everything feels new again! Every thing is a first for Moose. So it becomes a first for me too.

Places and feelings of these places, the memories feel so nostalgic. I get so confused, are the memories I make now happier are times. Are we allowed to feel happy now? Can I make space for happiness? I can for my dog. He doesn't know there is a pandemic. He doesn't know what shuttering of businesses and empty streets mean. He doesn't understand the the economics, the racism or the politics of space.


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