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Calgary man proposes in my Studio

Totally one of my highlights to be able to witness and photograph such an amazing moment!

This was one of the most beautiful moments I have had the honor to photograph. J contacted me to tell me he wanted to propose to his partner about a month ago! It didn't actually take much planning on my part. He booked a studio session, and had his fiance convinced it was simply a family session. He was somehow able to hide the ring for months and the morning he got dressed.... The code word was "picture frame". Where I would ask J's fiance to pick up a gilded picture frame as a prop, while distracted. J took out the ring, hidden in a chair in my studio and got on one knee and proposed! It was the sweetest, most romantic moments I've ever photographed! She was actually surprised, overwhelmed and beyond happy. It was amazing to witness! Best friends appeared shortly after for many congratulatory hugs and celebratory photos!

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