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Creating an image bank is totally doable in 2 hours for Calgary Businesses!!

I loved this job because I was really able to use all of my skills as a photographer. I was hired by a marketer, Lindsay Holden, to create an image bank for FCPC, an accounting group with an office in Aspen Landing, Calgary. They needed a plethora of photographic styles for their new website and social media marketing.

They needed new images for a their new website with a white backdrop, check! They needed lay flat, object photography for their website, check! They needed editorial portraits, check! They needed family portraits, check! They needed lifestyle photography, also check. A total of over 500 images were created in color and black and white.

It was a very physical job, because I needed to pack my studio with me with back drop and lights, and brought all my lenses with me also.

Can't wait to work with you again!


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