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East Village, St. Patrick's Island Graduation Photo Session. Calgary Alberta!

H initially wanted to shoot on Steven Avenue, but I had to advise against it, because it was way too busy. So H chose to have pictures on George C. King Bridge by St. Patrick's Island. She is going to major engineer in university, so I'm glad we were able to use a location that reflected her identity!

I'm always super happy when you are able to take a walk in the city during your shoot and everything changes. The landscape, the mood, the texture, the energy. I always feel like I'm in my element among trees. I love creating romantic imagery!

My last grad session for the year! Loved working with this family. This was a one hour session. First time shooting on St. Patrick's Bridge in the East Village. It was not easy...there were bikes, joggers, pedestrians every where. It was like taking photos in a laser charged escape room. But we made it happen! My favourite shot was a posed one with the YAHOO sign. So Calgary!

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