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First Day of Foliage Season at Sandy Beach Calgary...

So excited to be out this morning! This is actually the first family photo session for this family EVER! The mom is reportedly a great photographer also, but she is never in any of her photos! I can totally relate to that! So group shots were really high priority. I think that her intent to make the photos like how they would look everyday is very interesting. So everyone is dressed really casually, how they want to dress. It makes the photos look more documentary in feeling; she wanted the photos to evoke memories of the family, like it was a normal day, not different than any other day...

Our first picture was at the dog park, I am obsessed with how well the dog is sitting in our more formal group shot in front of the fence - good boy!!! I also love making families play together, it makes for such great action shots! Nothing gives me more anxiety than trying to make a shot of moving parts! But it's all worth it when I find a treasure in the editing process!!! Hope you like your photos ... and maybe I'll see you next year!

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