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Graduation Photo Shoot in Springbank Calgary.

It's so weird, but I get quite anxious before a photo session. Especially if the location is somewhere new. Am I going to get anything good? What's the light going to be like? How many people am I shooting? What are they going to wear? What is there energy going to be like? I get overwhelmed by all the variables I can't control. I kind of have to remind myself, that a new location is always going to be inspiring. And that I'm actually really good at improvising!

I was super excited to photograph this family when I Iearned that wanted to incorporate an old car in their session. The grandfather had a 1966 Chevelle that he just lovingly refurbished. Apparently, this was the third time he owned this very sports car. He owned it as when he was 16. He owned it when he was a new father; but had to sell it because he had a mortgage to pay. He just bought one three years ago; it was a bit of a retirement project.

The car was going to be a wonderful feature background for our Graduation photo shoot! Again, this was an hour shoot. 30 minutes for family and 30 minutes for the graduate.

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