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How this Calgary Photographer Thinks

Mathematically: 5 Families, 5 Locations, 30 minutes each


Last weekend was a whirlwind for me. But I really loved meeting some new faces and reconnecting with others. To keep things interesting for me, I really try my best to find new scenes for all my photo clients. I do this not only to be artistic for my clients’ sake, but also for my own creativity. Every session for me is a new adventure. Every session means opportunities to play with light and to have families be their authentic selves, while creating beautiful compositions.

It was such a busy weekend at many Calgary parks. There were so many families enjoying the park and getting their pictures taken. It really is a past-time which is very historical. I felt very connected to “park and portrait” paintings from the 1600 - 1800s: Camille Pissarro, Childe Hassam and William Merritt Chase… The inspiration for many of my park compositions was the painter Edouard Manet and his work “Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe” in particular. Obviously there is no nudity in my pictures, but reclining poses are very impressionable! Some poses are just so classic and classy!

I had a client who was persistent of having water in her photographs, she suggested many locations with large bodies of water or fountains…Sometimes posing by the water can look dull, if the horizon lacks movement. I convinced her, what she really wanted was a Bob Ross painting, a small creek in a picture is enough to convey water and “a big old tree”. She was ecstatic with her photos - I’m so happy she trusted me!

Not all shots are pre-meditated, but now that I look at them, there are many accidental references…Singing in the Rain for instance. I asked two little girls if they wanted to dance in the shallow end of the river. I think the parents were a bit aghast, but once they saw this moment as photography magic, they let the girls play and mess up their new boots!

Another movie inspiration was the Sound of Music..Do a dear… Can you spot the photo that references this? Hint: I love working with large families! The dynamic is always fun and crazy; plus you always get a runner!

In my studio, I love the one directional light in portraits! This family was so shy. Sometimes, shyness is an intriguing muse in the studio. I appreciated this family’s sartorial choices. I think it’s the combination of bob, pearls and stripes matched with a suit that makes this couple look like they could be from the roaring twenties. The children however, look contemporary; just a bit of coaching with poses and a withdrawn teens can easily transform into a stars in front of the lens! Bravo Kids!

Can’t wait for this weekend!

Can you guess my locations? If you live in Calgary…my photos are a love story to this city.

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