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Nothing is More Beautiful than a 3 Generation Portrait

This little lady is probably the oldest lady I have ever photographed: a grandmother who is 99 years old. I truly felt honoured and the importance of this experience was so palpable and heartwarming. She is dressed so beautifully in a jewel toned red. When I was editing her photos, I could really see what a fighter she was by the sparkle in her eye! I learned that this 99 year old, had just recently lost her son to esophageal cancer a few weeks prior... so sad and heartbreaking. But apparently, this experience was supposed to celebrate their unit as a family of survivors and supporters. Their familial love was so beautiful to capture. It was fun to be able to capture individual portraits as well. Everyone had their time in the spotlight with me. I was able to create with their collaboration, pensive photos, endearing photos, professional photos and even some more fashion-y like portraits with movement!

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