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Photographing a successful female Calgary Lawyer!!!

This morning I had the amazing opportunity to photograph my friend Tonya Fleming. I've known Tonya for many years. Calling her hardworking is a profound understatement. As a young lawyer, I've known her to be at work for an entire day, go home for dinner to see her family and go back to work till 9 or 10pm, and work some more on the weekend. I think her commitment has definitely paid off! I think of her as a Ruth Bader Ginsburg of Calgary!

But more accurately, in her own words:

"I’m VP General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Painted Pony Energy. I’m responsible for the legal, HR and corporate services functions. Our company’s operations are based in NE BC and we produce natural gas. Oil and gas energy giant Canadian Natural Resources has just bought our company - the transaction is expected to close on Oct 6, 2020. And a big part of what matters to me is exceptional corporate governance and culture!"

It was so terrific have access to her office and her office building on the weekend with no one around! Tonya did an amazing job of posing; she possesses a very natural personable confidence which I admire immensely!


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