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Pigeon Mountain, Alberta.

I don't get out to the mountains much and I'm always very envious of other people's landscape photos of the rockies. Yesterday I was lucky enough to do a hike with a bunch of very adventurous ladies! One of the ladies M, actually has a goal of 1000km a year. (She is in my person photos). I've never met someone who could categorically name 90% of all the mountain peaks. We were able to see so much from Pigeon Mountain Summit. The 360 views were beyond breathtaking and the cloud formations were just spectacular!

Pigeon Mountain is a 2 hour hike up, with gains in elevation of about 1100 m. It was a steep 2hour, 16km hike - but there was no scrambling! So techically, it was a level 1 hike. Level 1 means, you loved every minute of it. Level 2 means, it was a hard, hike but you are happy you did it. Level 3 means that you hated the hike and still hated after. Who knew?

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