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Some Christmas Glam at Venue 308

This is the first time I offered family sessions at Venue 308. If you haven't been there for a wedding yet, it's a cool space with distressed brick walls, beautiful chandeliers and lots of interesting furniture including lucite chairs, a velvet Chesterfield and other upholstered antique loungers.

I photographed a two families in this space.

The first family went all out and did Holiday glam. The mom looked like a Hollywood siren in her draped gown; her husband and her boys were all decked out looking super dapper in velvet suits. I felt like I was photographing a second wedding! It was really quite romantic and cute!!!

Family two wanted to take photographs of themselves with tattoos on the their faces. The mood they were going for was sombre, dark, 90's alternative vibe. An ironic, comedic take on a family Christmas Card photo. The father was Will Ferrel's doppleganger in looks and in personality.

The price of these sessions was $299 for 30 minutes.

Can't wait to do this again next year!

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