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WENDY NG - VP Headshot in my Calgary Studio

I was so excited to reconnect with my junior high school friend last weekend! Wendy and I went to Simon Fraser Jr. high and Sir Winston Churchill and University of Calgary together. She took accounting and I, art, so there was less mingling in University. Although, we hung out numerous times when we had babies at around the same time!

Wendy hired me because she was always unhappy with the corporate photos from her company. So we had a thirty minute session in my studio where we could find the angles she liked best about herself and tried on colours that reflected how vibrant and confident she is really is!!! Wendy is one of the most cheerfully giggly and humblest people I've ever met! You wouldn't know that she's truly a VP boss-lady in the corporate world.

Looking forward to seeing your pics in your next annual report!

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