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Young Family in the East Village, Calgary

It was such a great thrill to photograph this young vibrant family. I was so impressed with the way they were all dressed up. Lots of cool layering; a jean jacket for little sister, a tweed blazer for big brother, mom in a cute leather Moto, and dad in a long coat. It's easy to make photos shine when clothing can really elevate the styling of the shoot. I was also really happy to photograph in the East Village, Calgary where there were so many cool murals which have become iconic on Instagram. The downtown public library was the perfect architectural setting for group shots and some professional shots too. I've been really drawn to making lots of dynamic imagery lately, so I really made this family move! Big brother went from doing huge jumps and dancing with mom to literally falling asleep by the end of the shoot. But I'm so happy they were open to direction. And even more ecstatic that they really liked the shots they got! Testimonial of from the session... " I'm happy with the background and all the edgy shots. Love. You are amazing. I will sing your praises to all my friends." With that, my day ends with the warmest fuzzies. Thanks so much for the opportunity folks!

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